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Accounting and Financial Statements


Tax Planning & Strategy Formulation


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Accounting and Financial Statements

With the complexity of the business environment growing, decision-making is more important today for entrepreneurs than ever before. The success of an organization relies on management’s ability to make the best decisions with the information available.

At MAFS, our job is to ensure that the information decision makers’ use is accurate, consistent and timely. We work with owners to ensure progressive solutions to industry challenges are developed, solutions that will keep organizations on top.

Whether you are a sole proprietor, not-for-profit organization or private corporation we have a team to help stakeholders realize the true potential of their operations.

MAFS’s accounting services provide organizations with a foundation for success because while you work to perfect your business, we work to perfect its finances. Our accounting services include:

Accounting system advisory and re-design
Annual and interim financial statement compilation and preparation
Budget drafting and analysis
Cash-flow preparation and analysis
Development of internal control systems
GAAP/IFRS/PSAB conversion services
Implementation of accounting systems and controls
Pro-forma projections and forecasting
Transactional accounting


Tax Planning & Strategy Formulation

For strategies that recognize personal and corporate potential.

In today’s evolving commercial landscape, it is integral that organizations are prepared with an organic tax strategy—one that is built to adapt to the specific nature of an organization’s circumstances.

By keeping up to date with new tax laws and legislation, our professionals are able to identify key tax planning opportunities that minimize both current and future tax liabilities.

MAFS’s innovative approach to solutions engineering allows our team of tax experts to prepare individual tax strategies for each and every client—because every business, family and individual faces different challenges.

Our accounting services include:

Corporate Tax Services
Personal Tax Services
Estate and Tax Planning
Commodity Tax Services


Building a foundation for success. One brick at a time.

Our management advisory services are about working together with management to build the foundation that gives organizations the best opportunity to succeed.

Business in the twenty-first century is entrenched in a competitive landscape. Faced with growing complexity, business leaders are responsible for the vision of their company, a vision built on a well-thought-out strategic plan.

Together, our teams can collect and sift through the most accurate information, using the organization’s understanding of the business and our knowledge of financial information to develop an organic business strategy—a dynamic plan that is goal oriented.


Business Start-Up Planning & Advisory

You have decided that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and are ready to become a business owner. But without strategic goals, a business plan and a well articulated strategy, an idea will continue to exist only as an aspiration.

In the early planning stages, there are many details that will require an owner’s attention. At Middleton Accounting we have a team of small business advisors who can help you get the business off the ground.

From business planning and industry advisory to accessing start-up capital, producing projections and registering your new entity, our team will guide you every step of the way.

Our accounting services include:

Business Start-Up Planning & Advisory
Bookkeeping & Ledger Management
Ancillary Business

Bridging the gap between opportunity and insight


Our experts help business owners recognize opportunities, mitigate risks, manage growth and mentor decision makers by laying the foundation of success; one brick at a time!

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Grow your career with us where you can exercise your innovative and creative muscles to challenge conventionality and find out of the box solutions.

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“Samantha knows her subject. Gave sound advice and guided at each step till closure. Highly recommended. One of the very few professional who sticks to timelines and commitments. Call and take appointment to ensure exclusive and undivided time.”

Kevin Taylor

“The Middleton team were extremely patient with the disorder that our paperwork was in. They took the task in hand and showed us how to adjust and move forwards. Great direction from them. They explained every step in layman’s terms and helped us to meet the CRA obligations on time. Very grateful. ”

Anna Parsons

“I was so stressed about my small business and my personal taxes. Lisa showed me how to get things in order and took it from there. The job was done and submitted before I knew it. What a relief. Lisa was very professional and helped me to build confidence in going forwards without the same stress. I highly recommend Middleton.”

Sri Patel

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