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I have been repairing clocks since 1989 and am proud to offer a specialist service. I care for your clocks and timepieces. It is my mission to ensure they work perfectly once they have been repaired and serviced. Based in Burlington, I also serve customers across Etobicoke to Niagara Falls.

For special clocks, I can arrange a consultation over the phone to establish the type of clock and the problem. I also establish if any parts need to be replaced and then can visit your home for the clock repairs.

Antique Mantel & Shelf Clocks

Mantle and shelf clocks were originally built in France in 1750’s. They were built as small house clocks to be placed on a mantlepiece or a shelf. We have some lovely mantle clocks available for sale. They are made of wood, marble, brass, and other materials. Both chiming and non-chiming varieties are available with us.

Electric Clocks

The first electric clock was invented by Alexandar Bain in 1843. The electric clocks were invented to keep more accurate time when compared with mechanical clocks. Please visit our shop and select from a wide range of electric clocks available for sale. Our clocks are completely restored before sale.

Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather (and grandmother) clocks are free-standing weight driven clocks that operate with the help of pendulum. They are also known as tall-case clock, floor clock, and long-case clocks. Our grandfather’s clocks are perfect for churches, vintage-themed living rooms, and for anyone who loves antiques.

Watches & Chronometers

I sell, repair and refurbish all watches, whether you have a budget watch in need of a new battery to a classic legacy chronometer, my passion is to bring them all to their former glory. As well as being functional, a watch is a true piece of jewelry and should be worn with pride.

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“We had a barometer that was a hand-me-down in my family. It hasn’t worked for a few years now so I figured it was junk. Anyway, I took it to Old & New World store and they restored it. They only had it for a week and now it hangs back in our hallway, working well and looking as good as it ever was in our possession. Great job.”

Steve Naylor

“A few weeks ago I bought an old clock in an antique store. I knew it wasn’t working when I bought it but hoped it would be worth restoring. I took it to one place and they told me it was far too old condition and not worth spending money on. I wasn’t happy with my purchase. A couple of weeks later I brought it to Old & New World. The owner took a look and gave me an appraisal and said it was worth fixing. I now have my beautiful old clock – fully working and in prime view. I would recommend Ted – he knows his stuff and his prices are very reasonable.”
Jennifer Collins

“Hi Ted, I wanted to write and thank you for the great job you did on fixing the 2 watches I brought in. I thought that having smashed one lens, it was a gonner..LOL. That one and the old Seiko are keeping god time and look great again. Thanks. We will come to you for our repairs in future for sure. Have a good weekend.”

Maria Sanchez