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Thompson Plumbing

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Are you looking for a new bathroom – or kitchen units such as sinks? We can provide a wide variety of top quality classic and contemporary designs to accommodate everyone’s individual taste and budget.


If you need a repair, fix or replacement to a faucet, sink, toilet, shower or bath, we are here to attend to your needs. We have an emergency crew available at weekends and evenings.


Does your home feel too hot at times? Is your commercial office constantly too cold? If so, these extreme temperature fluctuations may be indicative of a greater problem within the internal system of your boiler. 

Plumbing, Sewer, Drains & More!

Thompson Plumbing

Your Number 1 Plumber!

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About THOMPSON Plumbing

Guelph plumbers for over 12 years, Thompson Plumbing has repaired or replaced plumbing in terraces, apartments and mansions, office buildings and restaurants, accommodation facilities, NGOs and homes. We offer a level of service commensurate with the energy, sophistication and diversity of living. Based in Guelph, Thompson Plumbing specialises in Emergency Plumbing and Property Maintenance, Repairs and Renovations for homes and businesses in Guelph and surrounding areas.

Whether you have knocking or rattling pipes, discoloured water, clogged sinks or shower leaks, you need someone you can trust to fix the problem at a fair price and return your home or workspace to its original condition.

Our range of expertise includes general plumbing, gas fitting, air conditioning, welding, lead working, irrigation, drainage, earthmoving for site cuts, driveways and drains, repair or replacement of gutters and downpipes.

So when your toilet isn’t flushing properly, avoid the flood and call in the experts. If your hot water service is playing up with temperature fluctuations, leaks or strange noises, don’t wait for a disaster. Call or email Thompson Plumbing today.

We can also retrofit your plumbing with eco-friendly products to reduce your running costs and environmental impact. We use and recommend high quality products and materials (Canadian made where possible) and thoroughly clean up at the conclusion of each job.


    Thompson Plumbing guarantee

Competitive Pricing

We help you get more value for your money. Better deals on parts and services mean you save whether you’re getting routine maintenance or a new system installed. Better service doesn’t have to carry a bigger price.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

You depend on your plumbing amenities, and you deserve to have them working at peak efficiency. Our experts have the experience needed to deliver the best result every time, whilst delivering confidence too.

Two Year Warranty

You can work with us without fear – even in the event something goes wrong with a job we’ve done, you’re covered. When you work with Thompson Plumbing, we’ll make sure it is put right as a priority – all part of the package.

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