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Thompson Plumbing is a full-service professional plumbing service. We are fully Licensed & Insured and have been proudly serving Southern Ontario since 2008. There are not many scenarios that we have not faced and successfully resolved.

Plumbing Pros

At Thompson Plumbing we like to think what sets us apart from other plumbing companies is our dedication to properly diagnosing your plumbing issue. This is one of the most important things to do because if the problem is not diagnosed properly, then it will not be fixed properly.  

Best Prices Around

We understand that all households, businesses and organisations face budget constraints. Of course we need to run our business with sustainability, but we aim to provide fair prices for competitive services.


  THOMPSON Plumbing Services

Toilets & Faucets

Fast response for emergencies. Drains can become blocked due to deterioration, collapse, cracking, intrusion of roots into pipe, flushing of foreign objects and incorrect installation.

We use electronic pipe location and electronic blockage location, which can considerably reduce time, cost and disruption when fixing blocked drains.

Burst Pipes

Pipe burst issues can vary from the barely noticeable leaks up to flooding gushes. Depending on the location of the pipe these can be very serious issues, not matter how fast the water is coming out. To avoid a costly burst pipe repair, property owners are advised to conduct regular plumbing maintenance checks on their properties.

Property / Plumbing Maintenance

Maintain your home or workspace at peak efficiency! The proper plumbing maintenance will reduce running costs and repair costs, and help to avoid inconvenient breakdowns.

We specialize in maintenance for real estate brokers, restaurants, accommodation facilities, residential homes and NGOs. With over 12 years experience plumbing, Thompson Plumbing has seen it all and fixed it!

Hot Water Repairs

Hot water straight out of the tap and shower heads is one of the often taken-for-granted conveniences of the modern world. You never really think about how special it really is until you don’t have it… in the middle of winter. We have difficulty recovering from the delay of hot water not coming out of the shower in the morning, and from the physical shock of bathing in cold water. It is the kind of thing you shouldn’t even wish upon your worst enemy.

Sewer REpair

Nothing ruins a perfectly good day quite like a blocked sewer. The smell, the sight, when raw sewage gets on your yard—these will mean more than an inconvenienced day. In the long run, prevention is better than paying for the cost of a blocked sewer repair.

Don’t wait at the last minute to have your sewers checked. Doing so will equate to a more costly repair. Plus there is the risk of being put out of your home while clean up begins.


Are you considering a renovation to your kitchen or bathroom? Thompson Plumbing can help! From simple faucet updates to complete pipe relocations, our plumbers handle it all with care. Our plumbers are highly trained and certified to ensure that every installation is performed properly to prevent future problems such as pipe bursts and leaks. During our onsite estimate, we’ll work with you to design a custom plumbing solution to fit your unique needs, style, and budget.

Since 2008

Licensed & INsured

Thompson Plumbing is a full-service professional plumbing service.

Our technicians are Licensed & Insured. 

We have been proudly serving Southern Ontario since 2008. From minor leaks to major mishaps in both residential and commercial properties, we can fix all your plumbing issues and problems. Thompson Plumbing has a good history and many trusted relationships with clients throughout Guelph and surrounding areas.

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