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Artistattoo Studio

We Call ourselves “Artistattoo” because we are are master artists in Ink Work and Professional in creating your unique design


A piercing can say a lot about a person's personality. It can indicate Bridge Piercing: You're alternative, and not afraid to own your body mod. Some people prefer traditional piercings on their ear lobes, while others are bold enough to get their belly button pierced or their lips.


People with visible tattoos tend to have these personality traits, according to economists. ... But new research finds that having visible tattoos that creep from under your shirt sleeve or collar means you're more likely to act on impulse and be more reckless compared to other ink-less people


Tattoos are a huge commitment! Even if you think they’re no big deal and already have a sleeve full of them, that’s still permanent art that you’re about to ink on your body. So, you want to think it through before committing to a design, right? At least make sure it fits your personality.

Our artists

Brad is a unique and stylised black worker who specialises in psuedo-gothic and occult designs. Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of creative influences, Brad has spent his career so far refining his style and creating new and unique pieces that are all consistently his. All of his work is along the same line and he will apply his touch to any subject matter he can.
Richelle is an illustrator who turned tattoo artist. She has a versatility in multiple art styles. Richelle enjoys soft delicate realism and neo-traditional designs particularly. Her work is delicate and precise and her drawings are impressive to say the least. She has a wonderful spirit and sense of humour.
Trish is another versatile artist who is not restricted to one particular style, but who is most-often found working on detailed neo-traditional pieces. She gives a modernized approach to fresh realism, while being completely capable of other styles such as watercolor, dot-work, and traditional. Her unique and original designs are a labour of love and her work speaks for itself in volumes. Always endeavouring to master the task.
Daniel joined our team in 2017. He brings to our studio a piercing service with Dan’s unique style and crazy humour. He has worked in a few other studios and brings a wealth of experience and skills. He is a stickler for health and safety standards. You are in good hands with Dan the Man!

What our cUsTOMERS say

Had Brad tattoo me the other day. Very well run tattoo studio. They were very busy and that shows they are good. The tattoo was right on what I wanted and has healed excellently. All artists in the Artistattoo shop are highly talented and do any tattoo they do well 100%. Would highly recommend to friends and family.
Kerry Smith
Absolutely amazed by the skill and politeness of the Artistatoo staff. Came here to get a piece of script touched up as I originally got it done at another shop and was horrified as to how it turned out. Came here in the hopes of it being salvaged and Trish completely transformed my tattoo into something way better than imagined. Thank you Trish! Will definitely be back.
Randy Naylor
Totally amazing place to get tattoo done fabulously more than amazing.. I recommend people should go there and get done lots of tattoos. This the best place to go.. They all have great talent, awesome work well done, Love there work fabulously wonderful.. I'm Definitely going back to do more ink, I'll end up being a walking canvas soon. Ha ha ha!
Claire P